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HP OfficeJet 5746 Features

OfficeJet 5746 is a suitable candidate for both home and small offices with a decent print speed and rich graphics. With the Instant Ink subscription plan, you can reduce printing costs. You can view 123.hp.com/setup 5746 or 123.hp.com/oj5746 to download software drivers for your OfficeJet 5746.

The following are the HP OfficeJet 5746 specifications.

Connections: USB, Ethernet, Wireless connections

Input Paper Tray Capacity: 225 sheets

Mobile Printing: ePrint, Air Print

Instant Ink: Available

Mobile Printing capability: ePrint, Air Print, Mopria certified

HP OfficeJet 5746 Printer Setup

1. Unboxing HP OfficeJet 5746

  • Open the box first and remove the cartridge, power cord, CD and Starter Guide. The Installation CD has Mac and Windows software.
  • Then remove the carton on top and reserve it for recycling.
  • Use the transparent plastic cover to grab the carton box and remove the printer from it.
  • Next, remove on the sides Styrofoam caps.
  • Now slide the transparent cover gently away from the printer.
  • Peel off the printer’s blue colored tapes.
  • Then open the glass lid of the scanner and remove the Styrofoam sheet.
  • Then open the area with the cut-outs on the sides of the ink cartridge and remove the packaging materials. Close the access area of the ink cartridge.
  • Open and remove the packaging material from the Paper Input Tray. Close the tray once more.

Continue to read how to initialize your printer.

2. Initialization of HP OfficeJet 5746 Printer

Follow the steps to switch on and initialize your HP OfficeJet 5746 printer.

  • First of all, remove the twist tie from the power cord which you kept away during the unboxing process.
  • Then, turn your printer away from you and insert the power cord into the power slot.
  • Now, insert into the wall outlet the other end of the power cord.
  • Then press the power button on the printer to switch on the printer.Before it settles down, your OfficeJet 5746 will start to make a noise.
  • The printer will now ask you to select your printer’s language. Then scroll down the list and select your chosen language.
  • To confirm the selection, click Yes.
  • Next, select the area the printer is in.
  • To confirm your selection, press Yes again.
  • Now, choose the date and press Next.
  • Finally, set the time and press Done.

Next, the ink cartridges can also be installed. You are only a few steps from installing 123.hp.com/setup 5746 software drivers.

3. HP OfficeJet 5746 Ink Cartridge Installation

  • First, open the access area to the ink cartridge with the cutouts on the sides to install the ink cartridges.
  • Next hold the ink cartridge and wrap it off on its sides. Then tighten the orange tab to remove the transparent film on the colored copper contacts.
  • Insert the ink cartridge into the slot and close the lock lever deck without touching electrical contacts and nozzles.
  • Finally, insert the remaining tin cartridge in the other slot and close the tin cartridge deck similarly.

When you first open the 123.hp.com download / setup 5746 software, you will check if you have ink cartridges installed, loaded paper and then downloaded the driver. Learn how to load unused paper into the Paper Tray in the next stage.

4.HP OfficeJet 5746 Loading Unused Paper

  • First, open the Paper Input Tray and remove the paper width guides.
  • Then a stack of papers is aligned to a hard surface and inserted into the paper tray.
  • Now, slide the paper tray in and wait for your Officejet 5746 to detect the documents.
  • Once your printer recognizes that plain A4 papers are loaded into the paper tray, the alignment process starts.
  • The alignment then tells your printer where it needs to drop the ink for the best print output quality.
  • Now wait a few minutes for the printer to print an alignment page. Then, take the Paper Tray alignment page.
  • To complete the alignment process, the sheet must be scanned. Open the glass lid of the scanner and place the printed slide side down on the glass of the scanner.
  • Use the markings on the side as a guide and position the alignment panel on the bottom right of the scanner glass.
  • Close the glass scanner cover and press OK to continue the alignment process.
  • The printer then displays successful message alignment on the control panel. Touch OK, and touch Finish to complete the setup process on the next screen.

If the printer displays a missing message alignment, visit the HP support page to solve the problem. In the next part, you will learn how to connect your press to the Wireless Network so that the right software drivers can be downloaded from HP Easy Start Utility from 123.hp.com/setup 5746 or 123.hp.com/oj5746.

OfficeJet 5746-Wireless Setup Wizard

You need to connect your printer to the Internet using the Wireless Setup Wizard before installing and downloading 123.hp.com/setup 5746 or 123.hp.com/oj5746 software driver. Follow the steps below to connect your printer to the internet.

  • Touch the wireless icon on your printer control panel. Next, scroll through the list and select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Your OfficeJet 5746 starts looking for all wireless networks in the immediate vicinity.
  • Once all of the wireless networks in the range have been named, a list of networks is displayed on the printer control panel.
  • Tap the name of the network you want your printer to connect to.
  • Next, you need to enter the password for your wireless network using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Once the process is finished, press Done.
  • Next, click OK to confirm configuration.

Now the printer checks your wireless settings and connects to the wireless network. The software from 123.hp.com/setup 5746 can also be downloaded and installed next.

HP OfficeJet 5746 Driver Download and Installation

  • Follow the steps below to download and install the software drivers.
  • First, make sure you activate and connect your printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  • Open your select browser and proceed to 123.hp.com/setup 5746.
  • Then click Download HP Easy Start Utility to download.
  • Once completion of the download and click the software to open it.
  • HP Easy Start Utility opens and starts extracting the required OfficeJet 5746 file You can now follow the on-screen instructions on installing the drivers for the software.
  • You can choose between fully-function drivers and basic drivers of software.
  • Read and agree to HP’s terms and conditions by checking the relevant boxes whenever requested.
  • If you are asked by the printer to enter information such as postal code and the usage mode, enter the information needed to proceed with the setup process.
  • To finish the setup process, click Continue Setup on the next screen.

The software is downloaded and installed from 123.hp.com/setup 5746.

You can also download and install 123.hp.com/oj5746 software drivers.

You can Download 5746 Printer manual here.

HP OfficeJet 5746 ePrint service

The ePrint service is available to those wishing to print on – the-go documents. Just send your document to the e-mail address of your printer, and it will begin to print the documents once they have been enabled and connected to the internet. Follow the steps below to set up your HP OfficeJet 5746 Web Services and ePrint

  • Touch the HP Printables on the control panel of your printer.
  • Then, tap Web Services Enable.
  • To activate Web Services, accept the terms and conditions of Web Services by clicking Accept button.
  • Let the printer download and automatically install software using Yes on the Auto Update screen.
  • When the printer is connected to the server, a page with an e-mail address of your printer is printed. Follow your web services instructions Next touch the ePrint icon on your home screen.
  • Just tap Web Services Settings and touch the Display e-mail address in the Web Services Settings menu.
  • To send your printer a print job, first open the e-mail request and attach the document you want to print.
  • Simply enter the e-mail address of your printer in the To box and press Send.

The ePrint service does not require the installation in 123.hp.com/setup 5746 or 123.hp.com/oj5746 of further software drivers.

Note that the document must not exceed 10 MB, otherwise your printer will refuse printing work.

HP OfficeJet 5746 Clearing Paper Jams

  • First, open the access area of the tin cartridge and remove the cover for the paper path.
  • Then remove the duplexer cover and remove the jammed paper.
  • Place the cover of the paper path now and make sure it snaps.
  • Touch OK on the control panel to continue the printer work.

Make sure you remove the jammed papers from the printing carriage or from the paper input tray so that you don’t tear or get the paper stuck on your roller.

HP OfficeJet 5746 Ink Cartridge Issues

  • Make sure the printer is enabled first.
  • Then open the door of the ink cartridge and remove the problem cartridge.
  • Wipe raised gold dots with a slightly damp lint free cloth on the bottom of the cartridge by holding the cartridge on its sides.
  • Now reinstall the ink cartridge and check whether the error message has stopped.
  • If the error message appears again, turn off the printer and switch it on again.


We are independent service providers who provide guidance and support in downloading and installing 123.hp.com/setup 5746 software drivers and in solving issues and questions relating to your printing system. We are not specifically linked to HP and its services or trade in its products or services. All pictures and content on this website are for information purposes only. For service and guarantee issues, contact the manufacturer directly and review our privacy policy.


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