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123 HP ENVY 4500 Printer Setup

The 123.hp.com/setup 4500/123.hp.com / envy 4500 offers almost everywhere affordable printer performance. Create borderless, high-quality lab photographs and laser-sharp text on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Download and install from your website123.hp.com/setup 4500 the current driver, firmware and software for your HP Envy 4500 printer. Get support and troubleshooting information for your E-All – in-One HP Printer, including driver, manuals and software.

Insert the 123 HP Envy 4500 installation driver into your computer’s CD drive and follow the on-screen Automatic Setup instructions to complete a 123.HP.com/4500 installation. Select the 123 HP Envy 4500 Printer software from the Windows version list.


About HP 4500 envy setup printer

The setup is a 123 hp com envy 4500 inkjet printer with printing, scanning, copying, faxing and wireless network features. This all-in – one printer works on both operating systems on Windows and Mac. Replace a 123.hp.com/setup 4500 envy printer multi-color ink cartridge once single ink cartridges run out. Up to 69 papers can be used as basic weight by the inkjet printers.

HP Envy 4500 has a medium-sized 2.1-inch display screen. A USB PictBridge is required to print directly from cameras. Connect directly to the computer with a USB cable or with a wireless WiFi network router. Direct access to the Internet with the downloaded applications saved on your printer enables you to print news and entertainment services information. Read the instructions below to complete the setup and installation of the HP Envy 4500 printer.

Features of hp 4500 envy printer setup

  • Printing without borders: Yes, up to 8.5 x 11 inches and 216 x 297 mm.
  • Print easily from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • ISO speeds: up to 8.8 ppm (black) and 5.2 pages (color) per minute.
  • Printing using the ink cartridges Black and Color.
  • Standard connectivity: USB 2.0 or 802.11n high speed for wireless connectivity.
  • Use only the real HP Ink cartridges, which were added to your HP printer, to improve printing results.

Basic Setup Steps for hp 4500 envy Printer

Step 1 : Unboxing your printer safely

  • Your printer is surrounded by tapes and covers.
  • Take the printer from the shipment box and place it in the appropriate place.
  • Carefully unseal all packaging from outside as well as inside the printer.
  • Make sure all components of your printer are in the shipment box before removing the packaging materials.
  • Remove the cover from the printer control panel.
  • Lift your printer’s access door to install the ink cartridges.
  • Remove the packing material from your printer and peel the tapes.
  • Close the entrance door of the tin cardboard and pull the cardboard out to fill with the required number of A4 sheets.

Step 2 : Fixing your printer to the computer

  1. Go to the following steps to connect your printer to the source of power.
  2. Unpack from the printer all the packaging materials.
  3. Push the input tray inwards until it fits in.
  4. Plug into the back of the 123.hp.com/set-up 4500 printer and the other end of the power cord into the power outlet.
  5. Turn on and set the preferred settings for your device.
  6. Enter the preferred language and country / region settings on the control panel of your printer.
  7. Finally, by clicking Yes, approve settings.
  8. If required, you can also enter the date and time.

Step 3: Start with printing

  1. Pull out the input tray and the expansion unit.
  2. Place some plain paper sheets in the tray and fix firmly the width guides.
  3. To avoid paper jam, check that you do not curl or bend the inserted paper.
  4. Push the paper width guides until they fit in place.
  5. Align the documents before you print.
  6. When the ink cartridges are aligned, a test page will be printed.

Step 4: Ink cartridges fixing

  1. Open the cartridge access door.
  2. Take off the ink cartridges by holding them on the sides of the package.
  3. Please remove a plastic strip that covers the ink cartridge.
  4. Install the new cartouches and push them to the slot.
  5. Make sure the carriage is firmly fixed.
  6. Close the lid after the cartridges have been replaced.
  7. Confirm to the right the black cartridge and to the left the color cartridge.
  8. Close the ink cartridge access door.

How to setup HP Printer Envy 4500

Follow the steps given to unbox your 123.hp.com/setup 4500, starting with the basic printer setup.

  • You have to remove the tapes and packaging materials around and inside the printer.
  • Carefully handle printer parts; damage can cause the printer to fail.
  • Check whether any packing material is left in the input tray and in the cartridge areas.
  • Keep packaging materials for recycling as soon as the printer and its components are removed.
  • The next step is to supply your printer with a power supply.
  • To do this, connect the inlet end of the cable to an electric outlet, and the back of the printer at the other end.
  • Turn on the printer when the power cable is successfully connected.
  • Go to the settings in the control panel of the printer to set your device date, time and language.
  • For more instructions on setting up the 123.hp.com/setup 4500 Printer, see the User Manual.

How to load paper into the input tray

Follow the next steps carefully to load the documents into your printer’s input tray.

  • Use only the documents recommended for printing.
  • A4-sized plain white sheets are preferred to be used to print a document.
  • Open the printer’s input tray and pull the extensor out.
  • Change the paper width guide before the papers are placed on the input tray.
  • The paper width guide is used primarily to adjust the width of the input tray.
  • Set the sheets using this slider and slide them to the bottom of the input tray.
  • An automatic printer alignment page is printed once you successfully insert the papers.

How to install the ink cartridge

Follow the next steps to install the 123.hp.com/envy 4500 ink cartridges.

  • Once papers are loaded on the input tray, the ink cartridges are installed in the printer.
  • Use only the true ink cartridges along with the package of your printer.
  • The ink cartridges need to be handled carefully. If not, the printer may fail.
  • Pay attention to the ink cartridges by touching their sides covered by a black plastic layer.
  • Open the door of the cartridge and insert the cartridges into your slot.
  • Put the colored black ink cartridge to the right and the colored ink cartridge to the left of the printer slot.

Printing status report and alignment of the cartridge

  • Before printing a document, be sure to check the print quality.
  • For better results, align the ink cartridges correctly.
  • Make sure you stacked the input tray with a sufficient quantity of papers before testing the print quality.
  • Check the alignment page and follow the instructions for aligning the ink cartridges given on the printed document.
  • To check the quality of the text, the printer automatically prints an alignment page.

Print the documents required using one of the following methods: HP Smart App and HP Printer Software.

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