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About HP Deskjet 3637 Printer

Get perfect printing with Deskjet 3637 All in one printer. Compact design that saves space and makes your home and office look good to the printer. Best printer for home and small business applications. Easy networking and wireless configuration make the printer ready for use. Built-in WiFi allows you to connect your computer to other printer devices. Apple OS X users can connect their devices directly to HP ePrint via Apple Air Print. Excellent high-quality printing and supports various media types such as photographs, envelopes, brochures, other inkjet papers and other general documents. Customize your photographs with HP photo-creation software 123.hp.com/setup 3637 with customized fonts, templates, editing tools and borders.

HP Deskjet 3637 Features

HP Deskjet 3637 Print

Simple to print with 123 HP Deskjet 3637 All-in – one printer. Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to a printer. Without a network, use the print function share this All-in – One with other wireless devices.

HP Deskjet 3637 Scanner

Easy to scan with all-in 123 HP Deskjet 3637-One printer. Connect your mobile or tablet to your printer wirelessly. Use a network-free scanning function to share this All-in – One with other wireless devices.

HP Deskjet 3637 Copier

Copy all-in with your 123 HP Deskjet 3637-one printer whenever you want. Connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Use your copy function without a network ; share this all – in HP with other wireless devices.

Unboxing the HP Deskjet 3637 Printer

    • Unboxing and setup of the 123.hp.com/3637 HP Deskjet printer first ensures that all box components are included. Now carefully remove all printed tapes and packing substances.
    • Some packaging materials can be found inside the scanner’s lid. Remove them as well. And close the scanner carefully.
    • Remove the left packing material from the ink cartridge area. Now open the piece of paper and remove tapes from the piece of paper. Now push out the guides and insert the tray.
    • Plug the back of the printer on one side of the cord and on the other side of the wall.
    • ON the printer, choose the settings. The language, region/country, and other general dialog boxes you are prompted to use.

For easy printer setup and Installation, Go through the Deskjet 3637 User Manual Here

HP Deskjet 3637 Modes of Connection

1. HP Deskjet 3637 Wireless Setup

  • To configure your wireless communication, set up the 3637 wireless setup wizard on your printer’s control panel display.
  • Test the wireless sign on the printer control panel.
  • Go to the option Settings.
  • Now follow the instructions as in the pop-up dialog boxes to complete the installation.
  • You can easily change the link type with the help of HP software once you have set up the HP printer on your computer and install the HP printer software.
  • To change the Windows wireless network connection,
  • follow the points according to your respective operating system.

Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP:

Click Start, go to All programs, and click HP. Select your name in the folder. Click Printer Setup & Software, then select Connect to Wireless Printer.

Windows 8

  • Right click anywhere on a blank screen on the start screen.
  • Go to the app bar for all apps.
  • Select the name of your printer.
  • Go to utilities Click Setup & Software Printer.
  • Click Connect the wireless printer.

Windows 8.1

  • Go down to the arrow at the bottom left corner of the start screen.
  • Choose your name of the printer Click Utilities.
  • Click Setup & Software for Printer.
  • Clip connect a wireless printer.

2. HP Deskjet 3637 Auto Wireless Connect

  • Make sure your wireless network works correctly and your printer and computer uses the same network.
  • You can use Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, etc to connect a 123 HP Deskjet 3637 All-in – One Printer series.
  • You are prompted to enter your network name and wireless password as you try to connect to your printer. The name of the wireless network is the SSID. Setting a wireless password prevents others, without your permission, from connecting to your network. You can use the WPA and WEP key depending on the security problems.
  • You can always check the back of the wireless router if you forget the network password. Also, you can check the material provided with the computer or the wireless network router.

3. HP Deskjet 3637 Connect using USB

  • First download and install the HP 3637 printer Driver software 123.hp.com/setup 3637
  • Make sure the software is compatible with the operating system of your computer and your HP printer before installing the software.
  • Select the type of network from the settings.
  • Send your wireless settings now and start the installation to your printer.
  • Connect your printer to the power source outlet via the first plug-in USB cable in the HP printer.
  • Switch ON your HP printer.
  • Now connect the one end to the computer and other ends of the USB cable and the printer.
  • Your computer operating system will now detect the printer.
  • When the printer is ready for printing, scanning and copying, it connects your printer to your computer via a USB cable.

4.HP Deskjet 3637 WPS (Wireless Internet Protected Setup):

  • After installing your HP printer software,
  • install it on your printer and computer.
  • Go to your network type and select it.
  • Select Yes.
  • Send wireless configuration to your printer.
  • install the wireless setting.
  • Make sure your WiFi Direct is switched ON for your printer.

Two Methods to directly turn on Wi-Fi:

Manual Method: Mobile device must be confirmed before connecting to your printer at the printer control panel. The manual method has enhanced safety. And ask for more pass keys when you want to connect.

Automatic Method: Any mobile device can be connected to the printer with the help of automatic mode. When the printer is connected to a computer, Wi-Fi direct can be used regardless of whether the printer is a USB cable connection or wireless connection.

Even more HP Deskjet 3637 Printing Setup

HP Deskjet 3637 Apple Airprint

AirPrint is supported in 10.7 or later for iOS 4.2 and Mac OS. Use the iPad, iPhone or iPod to print a printer wirelessly. Use your supporting HP unit, photos, Safari, Evernote, etc.

HP Deskjet 3637 Google Cloud Print

Free service that enables mobile devices or other network connected devices to print files. Connect your tablet, computer, mobile printing and scanning, copying via Google cloud print.

HP Deskjet 3637 Ink Cartridge

We’re discussing the problem of the 123 HP Deskjet 3637 Ink cartridges series All-in – One Printer. Discuss problems facing users and find it difficult to get them sorted.

HP Deskjet 3637 Mobile device support and Ethernet support

HP Deskjet 3637 Printing from mobile devices support

You can easily print on your mobile using HP technology 123.hp.com/setup 3637. Use the HP Printer-compatible print function / application and your mobile device. (123.hp.configure 3637)

  • Make sure your HP device and mobile device are on the same network.
  • Go to the photo / document / file that you want to print.
  • Open the /document / file to be printed.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Select Print.
  • You can also connect your device to the printer without a router if you want to print via a wireless connection.

You can easily print if you want to print via ePrint by sending an e-mail on your printer using the HP ePrint application.

HP Deskjet 3637 Ethernet networks support

Ensure the HP printer software 123.hp.com/setup 3637 has been downloaded and installed, which is compatible with your operating system and printer. If you are a Windows user, follow your operating system instructions.

Windows 8.1

  • Go down to the arrow at the bottom of the start screen on the left corner.
  • Choose your name for the printer Click on utilities.
  • Click Setup & Software for Printer.
  • Connect the USB printer to Clip.

Windows 8

  • Right click anywhere on a blank screen on the start screen.
  • Go to the app bar for all apps.
  • Select the name of your printer.
  • Go to utilities Click Setup & Software of the Printer.
  • Click on connect the USB printer.

Windows 7, Windows View, Windows XP: click Start, go to All programs, then click HP. Select your printer name folder. Click Setup & Software of Printer, and then select Connect the USB printer.

Mac users

Set HP utility to change software connection to USB in Applications / HP settings.


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