Deskjet 3722 Wireless connection (Wi-Fi) to your network

You can also connect the HP Deskjet 3722 via a wireless network. This wireless WPS supporting setup wizard or router is used. In addition, the Guidelines for Wireless Connection are www 123.hp.com/dj3722.

DJ 3722Windows Setup Wizard:

  • Select and run Windows setup wizard from the 123.hp.com/setup dj 3722 printer control panel.
  • Select the appropriate network from the available network and enter the right password.
  • It is necessary to connect all devices, i.e. printer, router and system, to the same wireless network.
  • Go to the Setup Wizard for HP dj 3722 and follow the Screen instructions.

DJ 3722 WPS

  • If the HP dj3722 setup wizard is not available or if you can’t connect the printer, the other WPS button can be used.
  • Press the wireless button on your printer’s control panel.
  • Once you find the wireless button blinks, it is released. Now press the WPS button. Now.
  • After this, wait for the hp dj 3722 press to be connected to the wireless network successfully.

    Wired connection to your network

    The printer can also be connected using a wired connection. It’s also available with a USB cable connection and a wireless connection. Follow these easy steps with Deskjet 3722 configuration for successful wired connection

    • Prepare the connection through the required steps. Your Ethernet cable and network work very well.
    • There needs to be a switch, hub, network router available on Ethernet ports.
    • You must use a standard Ethernet cable. Avoid using any telephone cable.
    • You can start connecting the 123.hp.com/setup 3722 printer to the network after checking these requirements.
    • To connect a printer with a wired network hub or router, use an Ethernet cable.
    • Start the system of your computer. There should be no plug or protection cover on the Ethernet port present at the end of the 123.hpcom/dj3722 printer.
    • Connect your Ethernet cable to the port of the printer, another end of your Ethernet cable to the network router.
    • 123.hp.com’s setup 3722 can therefore be connected successfully via a wired connection.

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