HP Printer Installation Setup for Windows 8

  1. Initialize the HP Printer Setup.
  2. Install the updated version of HP Printer Driver in Windows 8 PC.
  3. Wired Connection: attach The Printer and Computer with USB cable. Then Install the Printer Driver and make a Print test page.
  4. Wireless Connection: Link the Printer and Computer to the Wireless network using wireless setup wizard to finish the process.
  5. The Printer and Computer should be connected in same wifi network.
  6. Remove the USB or Ethernet Cable connected to the Printer.
  7. Open the Setup >> Network.
  8. Add your Printer by using Add a Printer Wizard Choose Devices and Printers and Click Add Printer.
  9. Follow the On Screen instructions, to make the printer Listed in the Computer.


The Windows OS has an additional Build-in feature for HP driver and it can be install on the computer through windows update. The latest version of HP Printer Driver software download automatically by setting Windows update.

HP Printer Setup Supports for all Windows OS Versions






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