Hp Printer Setup Connection for Windows 10

  1. Do the basic Printer Setup for Windows.
  2. Download and Install the HP Printer Driver for Windows 10 by visiting 123.hp.com/setup driver install.
  3. Connect the Printer and Computer with USB or Wireless Network and Find the Printer.
  4. Then the Printer will automatically detected by our windows 10 OS.
  5. Add the Printer by selecting Printers and Devices.
  6. If the Printer is Present, click Next and enter WPS PIN and Finish the Setup Process.
  7. If the Printer is not in the List, then we have to done this manually.
  8. Click Add a printer and select the TCP/IP port and replace the current HP Printer Driver.
  9. Then click next to print test page.
  10. If you are facing any Difficulties in Hp Printer setup for Windows 10,

. Check whether your Admin password is Correct.

. Ensure the Proper Network Connection between the Printer and the PC.

. Disable the Firewall temporarily to use Windows update.

If above steps doesn’t resolve your issues, contact our Technical Support team +1-8588-682-5959. Our Printer Experts will Fix your Problems.


The Windows 10 has Auto-setup feature so that It enables Auto Printer Installation for small Network with not more than 30 devices. It will identify the Printer on your home network with the help of prompt provides by the Windows 10 OS.

HP Printer Setup Supports for all Windows OS Versions






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