Hp Printer ePrint Setup and Web Services

HP Printers Offers you Eprint Service that make you to Print from your HP Printer from any place in the World. All you need is having an Active Internet Connection and E-print enabled Hp Printers. An Email Address is assigned to your HP Printer which will be used to send documents from any part of the world to your Hp Printer.



How to enable HP Eprint Setup?

  1. Ensure Web services setup has been installed.
  2. Click HP ePrint icon present in the home screen of the Printer. you will find the email address of HP Printer on the Web services summary menu.
  3. Using PC or some other devices, just open Email application and email the documents you want to print to the 123 HP Printer’s Email address.

How to Turn ON Web Services in HP Printer?

  1. On HP Printer, Switch ON the Web Services option.
  2. Click on HP eprint on the Printer’s control panel and Check the Printer connectivity status by Web services Summary screen.
  3. Get the details of the page by clicking Print info button after turning ON Web Services setup and then continue to the next step.

Hp Printer Airprint Setup

Airprint method is a mobile Printing solutions from Printers. Airprint usually Presents in iOS devices. It makes you Print from iPad, iPod & iPhone wirelessly using E-print Accessible.

HP Airprint setup can be only used on Apple device. Ensure that the Device and Printer must be connected on the same Wifi network. Kindly install the software from 123.hp.com/setup and download the App from ipad or iphone.

ios Applications like iworks, Safari, mail, etc,… are available in App Store which supports Airprint. Apple iOS Devices with iOS 4.2 or later Version only supports Airprint setup.

AirPrint Enabled Printers allows Mac OS and iOS Operating Systems to make Wireless Printing Directly.

HP Airprint Setup doesn’t require any Driver Installation for Printing. It requires only WAP(Wireless Access Point).

HP AirPrint Setup achieve High Quality Printing even Photos can be Printed clearly from iPhone,iPad and Mac without any Addon Software.

If you don’t want to Print Wirelessly, then Connect the Printer using USB or Ethernet Cable for AirPrint.

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  • For HP printer AirPrint setup, first thing we need to analyze the Device compatibility.
  • Having any doubts, Visit 123.hp.com/setup and Provide your Printer model number.
  • The Compatible Apple devices include Mac OPS X Lion, iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch 3rd Gen.
  • You Should have Compatible APPS like Mail, SAFARI, PDF’s and some third party apps which supports AirPrint.
  • If you want to check the App Compatibility with Apple Airprint, just select Airprint Compatible module APPS and verify its firmware .
  • There you can see the Airprint option listed on the Installed apps.
  • If you don’t want to Print Wirelessly, then Connect the Printer using USB or Ethernet Cable for AirPrint.

Steps for Enable HP Airprint Setup

  1. Connect the Apple device and HP Printer on Same Wireless Network. Download and Install the Apple Airprint from App Store.
  2. Take a note of your Network SSID and its Password. This is essential for of your Hp Printer Airprint Setup.
  3. In AirPrint App, Click Printer Option and search your Network name.
  4. Choose your wifi Network and Tap the Print option to Print the Documents with HP Airprint setup.

Hp Printer Cloud Print Setup

HP Cloud Print setup offers Powerful cloud service for android users. Using Cloud Print we can print from any place of the world. Google Cloud Print service allows all cloud print enabled device to print from a printer in a specified network. All mobile devices can print the Gmail and their Google Docs. Which does not having Printing system. Driver installation is not necessary for Google Cloud Print Setup.

How do I do Google Cloud Print Setup with Hp Officejet 3830 Printer?

Step by step process for Hp Printer Cloud Print Setup

  1. Connect the Printer to the Web.
  2. Ensure the Printer is eprint enabled which is necessary for cloud print.
  3. Visit Googlechrome://devices
  4. Find whether your Printer is presented under My Devices or Not.
  5. If Present, then your printer is registered with cloud printers.
  6. If your Printer is listed under New Devices, Then Register and Print Test Page for Confirmation.
  7. Repeat the same Process if the Printer is not listed.



How to Print documents using Google cloud print?

On your google web browser, you can see the Google Cloud Print option listed, when you trying Print preview page.

  1. Sign in to the google account.
  2. Select Print in the Google Cloud Print Jobs.
  3. Upload the Document you want to Print.
  4. Complete the Cloud Print Process.

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