HP Printer Ink Cartridge Installation Setup

The Important Functions of the 123.hp.com/setup Printer is to print Quality stunning  Printouts. In case if the Printer doesn’t prints in good quality, then there should be a  problem in Ink cartridges of the 123 HP Printer. We need to install Ink cartridges Properly. Follow the steps given to proceed HP Printer Ink cartridge Installation.

  1. Power ON the Printer and open the scanner cover. Then the Printer Ink cartridge will slide in the right side of the Printer.
  2. Remove the Package and Take out Ink cartridge. Take off the Pull tab and Tape which is placed on the top of the Printer Ink cartridge.
  3. Make sure you don’t touch the Copper contacts and Ink nozzles. Touching these parts will make clogs or ink failures.
  4. Place theHP ink cartridges in to the Printer cartridge holder. Insert the Black ink cartridge on the right side slot and the colour ink cartridge on the left side of the carriage.
  1. Check whether the Ink cartridges is Properly inserted.
  2. Align the Ink cartridges for making Printouts in supreme quality and feed the paper on input tray.

Hp Printer Ink cartridge Installation for Windows

  1. For Installing cartridges on Windows OS, Use HP Solution Center Software. Select Windows icon >> All Programs >> HP >> HP Solution Center.
  2. Click Settings >> Printer Toolbox. Select Align Ink cartridges icon from the Printer toolbox screen.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to print test page.Then the cartridge alignment is completed.
  4. After Cartridge Installation, The ink level need to be examined frequently. If you find that the ink level is low then replace it with another new cartridge.
  5. Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor to check and examine the ink level in a Windows operating system.


Hp Printer Printer Ink cartridge Installation for Mac

ink-cartridge-install  replace ink cartridge

  1. Examine the Ink level of the system by installing HP Utility Software.
  2. By download and install HP Smart App, you can check from your Smartphone. Configure the app with Hp printer by following the ON-screen prompt instructions.

If you are facing any issues while installing Printer ink cartrtidge. contact  our Toll Free number : + . Our Technical Experts will resolve this.

Hp Printer Ink Cartridge Replacement

  1. Identify the HP Printer Model Number for ink cartridge Replacement.
  2. Switch your Printer ON and open the lid which encloses the cartridges.
  3. Mark the Cartridge type and number.
  4. Buy new ink cartridges or refill the old one if you have.
  5. Remove the cartridge from the printer carefully.
  6. Shake well the new cartridge before using them.
  7. Remove the Protector which covers the Ink dispenser.
  8. Insert the ink cartridge to the printer.
  9. Test the Printer by taking Print test page.
  10. To get Better Printing quality, reconfigure the Printer head.



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