Embedded Web Server (EWS)

The HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) is a printer homepage which can be accessed through a web browser for managing settings, getting updates,  and Performing maintenance tasks. We can open the Printer Homepage by different ways,

By Connecting Printers to the Local Network

Access the Printer IP address and the unique identification number that is assigned to the printer. Enter the data in to the web browser address bar.

Using HP Smart App

Download Hp Smart App to your PC and Mobile Devices which is available in play store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Connecting Printer with Wi-Fi Direct

Make Direct Wireless Connection setup to the Printer and then Provide the IP address into a web browser address bar.

Use the IP address (LAN-connected printers)

After connecting the Printer to the Local Network, obtain the IP Address and use it on the Browser (PC or Mobile Devices). Then the Printer homepage will get open.

Ensure your Printer and PC or Mobile Device is connected to the same network.

Get the Printer IP address.

Printer having Touchscreen Control Panel: Identify the IP Address in the Wireless menu or in Network Settings.

Printer Doesn’t have Touchscreen Control Panel: Get the IP address by Printing a Network testing Page. For some models, enter the Wireless Information buttons for report printing.

Then the Web Security Certificate will display. Open the Printer Homepage for enabling EWS Services by clicking Continue.

HP Smart app

  • HP Smart App can be used in mobile Devices for both Android and Mac OS.
  • HP smart App can be easily downloadable in Windows 7,10 Versions.
  • Install HP Smart App in your Device. Then go to the Settings menu to Access the Printer Homepage.
  • Ensure your Printer and the devices you want to setup are connected to the same network.
  • Download and Install HP Smart App for Android Device and iOS devices from Play store and App store respectively.
  • Make the printer and the device (PC or Mobile) close to each other to prevent signal loss.
  • Then open the Smart App and Add your Printer by following the instruction given.
  • Tap the Printer name from the Printer Home Screen.
  • Choose Advanced Settings or Printer Home Page (EWS) by scrolling down the list of settings.
  • Then the Web Security Certificate will display. Open the Printer homepage by clicking continue.

Wi-Fi Direct Connect

Access The Printer homepage with PC or mobile devices by using Direct Wireless Connection.

  1. Make the Printer and Devices you want to connect close to each other.
  2. Before turn ON the Printer, ensure paper tray is loaded and Ink cartridge is installed Properly.
  3. Get the wifi Direct printer name and Network Password.

Printers with control panel display: Open the Wifi Direct settings to obtain login credentials or touch the wifi direction icon.

Printers havn’t control panel display: Enter the Info button to print a report that lists the name and SSID Password. If this is not working, Contact us for Wifi direct Printer connection.

  1. Open the Wireless settings on your Devices to view the available network lists.
  2. Choose the wifi direct printer name from the network list and enter SSID name and Password.
  3. Enter in the Web browser Address bar.
  4. Click Continue to open the Printer homepage once after the Website Security displays.
  5. Reconnect wifi network after making changes.

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