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123 HP Officejet 6600 Printer Setup

  • 123 HP Officejet 6600 Printer Setup.
  • How to Setup Officejet 6600 printer.
  • 123.hp.com/oj6600 printer Configuration and Setup.
  • 123 HP OJ 6600 Printer Driver Installation.
  • Officejet 6600 Installation for Windows OS.
  • Hp Officejet 6600 Installation for MAC OS.
  • 123 HP oj 6600 Printer Wireless Setup.
  • Print with the HP Smart Application.
  • Scan using the HP Officejet 6600 Smart app.
  • 123 HP Officejet 6600 Troubleshooting.

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123.hp.com/oj6600 PRINTER SETUP MANUAL

Printing, copying and scanning from anywhere using the all – in-one 123.hp.com wireless printing device 6600. This compact inkjet printer is mainly composed of wireless printing, AirPrint and mobile printing. Use your package with HP Instant Ink so you never run out of ink.

How to Setup an Officejet 6600 Printers?

Go to the next instructions on how to install Officejet 6600 Printer. Once the 123.hp.com/oj6600 setup is completed, connect the printer to a wireless network, then set up drivers and software on your computer. Try to print or scan a document or photo once you have finished installing and installing HP Officejet 6600.

123.hp.com/oj6600 printer Configuration and Setup

Follow for the first time the next steps to unbox and set up the Officejet 6600 printer.

  • Lose the tapes and open the box.
  • Take out of the shipment box the user guide, the USB cable and the power cord.
  • Read the basic setup instructions given on the 123.hp.com/officejet 6600 Setup manual for easy installation.
  • The Officejet 6600 Printer includes an instant HP card for the replacement of ink cartridges.
  • Not all printers have this card available.
  • HP strongly recommends the use of your printer’s power cord.
  • Use the two-wired phone cable provided with your printer for the best faxing experience.
  • The package also includes a CD to install.
  • The updated version of the 123.hp.com/setup 6600 and 123.hp.com/oj6600 setup software and drivers can also be downloaded.You can Download the OJ 6600 printer Driver here.
  • Take the ink cartridges from the package carefully.
  • The substitute cartridges bought from the store can not be used for this printer configuration.
  • Take the printer out of the box.
  • Drag the printer slowly out of the plastic bag and keep it in the right place.
  • Remove all the visible blue tapes and other packaging material from the outside as well as from the inside of the printer.
  • Remove the twist tie from the power cord and connect it to the port of the printer.
  • Connect the wall socket with another end of the power cable.
  • Turn on the HP Officejet 6600 Setup and set the control panel preferences.

How to Install HP Officejet 6600 Ink cartridges?

  • Lift the ink cartridge access door and push it back.
  • Take out the cartons and remove the plastic cover around the package.
  • Do not touch the copper contacts or cartridge ink ports to prevent potential clogs, ink failures or bad electrical connections.
  • Hold the cyan cartridge at the beginning and insert it into the appropriate slot in the printer.
  • Push the cyan cartridge into place until it snaps.
  • Next, install the magenta and yellow cartridges equally in their respective slots.
  • Insert the black cartridge and close the door.
  • The 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6600 requires you to charge the paper when you install all the tin cartridges.

Hp Officejet 6600 Ink Cartridge Alignment and Print Status Report

A printer status report gives you all the information you need on your device. It can also help you solve problems printing on your HP 123.hp.com/oj6600 printer. The tin cartridges need to be aligned to achieve the best printing performance possible.

  • Power On your printer; lift the input tray.
  • Lower your printer’s output tray and slide its extender out.
  • Load some plain, white paper into the input tray of the printer.
  • Adjust the guide to touch the edge of the paper.
  • Align the ink cartridges as a final stage in setting your device when a new cartridge is installed or the ink is not lined up on the page you are printing.
  • To open it, double-click the HP Solution Center icon.
  • If not on the desktop, go to the Start tasksbar of the Windows, open all programs and go to HP, click on the HP Solution Center.
  • Go to HP Solution Center Settings, click Print Settings and then choose Printer Toolbox for opening.
  • Select Align Print Cartridge, click Align and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The printer prints a lines page and lines up the tin cartridges.
  • Press and hold down the Cancel button for at least 3 sec on the control panel of the printer and release the report in print.
  • The printer works properly if the printed report succeeds.
  • If not, there may be a problem in the printer or computer from which you print the Internet connection, device settings, or software.
  • Find support data easily with your printer model number at 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6600.

How to load paper into the input tray

  • Remove the paper tray from the printer and pull it out.
  • Load in the input tray some unused plain white paper.
  • Only A4 sheets are recommended to achieve high printing quality.
  • Confirm that not curled or damaged sheets.
  • Adjust the width of the paper and the length guides.
  • Tap OK on the control panel of the printer and then tap Continue to start the device.
  • The printer aligns the print header and automatically prints a test page.
  • Refer to the 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6600 User Handbook guidelines for more information.

123 HP OFFICEJET 6600 Printer Driver Installation

While installing the 123hp Officejet 6600 setup you’ll need to temporarily connect a USB cable between your printer and pc.

How to Install the Software of Officejet 6600 Printer

Read one of the sub-topic’s to guide you in printing a document or photo on Windows or Mac device. To do so, you first have to set up your printer and then connect it to your PC via a wireless network.

HP Officejet 6600 Installation for Windows OS

You will need a operating system of windows 7 or above in order to use the downloadable driver from 123hp.com/setup site.

HP Officejet 6600 Installation for MAC OS

  • Connecting the 123HP officejet 6600 to the apple device requires a version above 7.
  • If the device is not connected through USB or printer connected to wireless Printer.
  • Click on Settings icon on the printer display and proceed to navigate to the option wireless setup wizard.
  • Find out the desired wireless network and then proceed with connecting to the network.
  • Once connected to the network you can print a network setting page and proceed with the driver installation for the MAC for your HP officejet 6600 printer.

123.hp.com/oj6600 Driver Installation

  • Proceed to System Preferences in Apple Menu which will be available at the top.
  • Select the Print and Fax from Hardware Selection and go to (+) sign to add the printer.
  • Once the printer has been selected proceed with the installation and print a test page.
  • You can alse get the driver from the 123.hp.com/setup 6600 for the MAC os version you have.

123.hp.com/oj6600 Printer Connected via USB

  • While the printer is detected via USB cable the settings of the OS will get auto detected and a generic driver will get installed.
  • The generic driver will not have all the features and hence you need to install the software from 123hp Officejet 6600.
  • The setup will direct you through the complete installation with the optimum settings accepted by the microsoft opearting system used.
  • The driver installation of officejet 6600 can be done more easily for windows 8, windows 8.1 & windows 10.
  • The drivers have versions and based on the windows operating system used the ease of access for the user increases.
  • If you are facing any issues in printer connect then you can contact our technicians will help you out with the fix.

When there is no USB available

  • When the microsoft windows device doesn’t have connected to the HP officejet 6600, it requires a manual setup of the printer to the wireless network and then proceed with the driver installation.
  • You have go to the wifi icon or button on the printer and then proceed with connecting the printer to the desired WIFI network.
  • Before proceeding with the driver installation you require the details of the WIFI network to which you wish to connect the HP officejet 6600 printer. Like the username and password.
  • Once detected by the micorsoft windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, windows 7, windows vista device, the IP of the printer need to be located.
  • Once the IP has been found the printer can be connected and the driver of the printer is available in 123.hp.com Officejet 6600.
  • The specific drivers can also be found under the support hpcom website wherein you can download the specific driver required and used by you.
  • For any further HP Officejet 6600 troubleshooting in following the procedure, our technician here will help you to get connected to the pritner.

123 Hp Officejet 6600 Printer Wireless Setup

How to Print with HP Officejet 6600 Printer?

  • Print wirelessly on Wi-Fi via HP Wireless Direct connection from anywhere, without a router. For HP wireless printing directly from a computer, smartphone or tablet, a compatible printing application is required. For more wireless printing, visit the 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6600 or 123.hp.com/oj6600 setup site.
  • Turn Wireless Direct on and set the preferences on the control panel of the printer.
  • Connect your computer, smartphone, tablet or other wireless devices directly to your printer via a HP wireless network.
  • Once the wireless is turned on, enable safety, if your Wi-Fi device supports WPA2 encryption.
  • Up to five devices can be connected simultaneously via the Wireless Direct.
  • Wireless direct can also be used for the connection of your printer to a Wi-Fi network or USB cable.
  • The HP direct wireless network can not be connected to the Internet.

How to Print Documents with HP Officejet 6600 Printer Software

  • Confirm that the updated driver and software is automatically downloaded from your computer.
  • Click the Change Device Settings and Control Panel settings in the list of displayed results for the Change Device Installation in Windows.
  • The Setup Device Window appears on the screen.
  • Choose the Yes option, then click Save Modifications.
  • Connect your printer and your computer before you start installing the driver.
  • Use Add a Printer Wizard to install the printer driver and software.
  • Try to print a test page to make sure your printer works.
  • The print driver is installed and works if you can print.
  • If problem arises, please refer to the 123.hp.com/OfficeJet 6600 user guide or call us our toll-free number for assistance.

How to Print HP Officejet 6600 Double-sided

  • Configure automatic double-sided printing or manual paper handling settings for printing.
  • Load enough blank paper to avoid page ordering problems in the input tray of your printer.
  • Access the printing file you need.
  • Go to the file, click Print and, if necessary, select Show Details.
  • Search in the dialog box for a two-sided printing option.
  • If you have a two-sided option on the screen, your printer supports automatic duplexing.
  • Select Layout from the Unnamed Print Options menu by clicking on the checkbox.
  • From the two-sided menu, select a binding option and click Print to continue.
  • If there is no two-side printing option, proceed manually with the above steps.
  • Identify the paper tray type of your printer and click on the Unnamed Menu in the center of the window.
  • Choose Odd from Print Pages only.
  • Select from the Page Order menu one of the settings displayed according to your printer type and then click Print.
  • When all the required pages have been printed, remove unprinted paper from the input tray.
  • To print the other side, reload the pages to the input tray.
  • Return to the Print menu of the document and select Even from the Print list pages only.
  • Finally, click Print to obtain the printed documents on two sides.

How to Print with the HP Smart Application

  • Print documents, email, web pages or any other content using a HP smart application from anywhere.
  • Download and install the Google Play store HP smart app for Android and the iOS App Store.
  • Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same wireless network that is connected to your printer.
  • Open the app and tap Start to search the printers available.
  • Continue to take further steps if your printer is found.
  • If it is not shown, tap the Plus sign to select a printer from the printer list or to set up a new printer.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to finish the 123.hp.com/officejet 6600 configuration.

How to Copy and Scan Documents in Officejet 6600 Printer

Go to the next step of copying, faxing and scanning a document using the 123.hp.com/officejet 6600 Setup.

How to Double-sided Copy on HP Officejet 6600

  • Place the printed side up in the holder of the document or down on the right side of the glass scanner.
  • Click on the HP 6600 Copy from your printer’s home screen.
  • Type the number of copies that will be printed on the screen displayed.
  • Also, if you want the document to be one-sided or two-sided each, click 1:1 or 1:2.
  • To select paper size, type and quality, click Settings and then go back.
  • Now specify the color (black or color) to copy your document.

How to Fax on HP Officejet 6600 Printer?

  • You can send a fax from your 123.hp.com/setup officejet 6600 to the printer panel by loading a document and dialing the reception fax number.
  • If you know the recipient is at home or at home and shares his telephone line with their fax machine, call them and let them know that they send a fax.
  • Load a single or multi-page document into the printed ADF tray.
  • If you use scanner glass, load the document facing down on the scanner glass according to the manual on the edges.
  • Ensure that the blank paper is loaded for all fax reports that may be printed on the input tray.
  • Confirm that the telephone line is not currently in use.
  • Select any telephone call linked to the fax line and listen to the dial tone.
  • Complete the receiving fax number from the printer as if you are calling a telephone, including the area code, external access code and country long distance code.
  • If you dial with a speed dial, confirm that the number you saved requires pauses.
  • To send a fax, press the black, color or send button.
  • If the fax line is connected, you will hear a busy signal.
  • Try to fax the document after a while again.
  • Answer the call if you hear the voice of somebody.
  • Wait until your fax is accepted manually or cancel it from the front panel if the telephone number may be incorrect.
  • If you hear high-pitched sounds, your fax will be sent.
  • A fax report will be printed.
  • Read the report to check whether the fax was successfully completed or an error occurred.

How to Scan multiple pages of HP Officejet 6600?

  • Open the scanner lid.
  • Put the first page of the document you wish to scan on the glass of the scanner with the picture facing down.
  • To access the HP Direct software, click on the name of the program on the All Programs menu.
  • To open the Scan dialog box, click on the Scan option.
  • Select the type of document you scan from the HP icons.
  • Tap Save to File in the Destination box at the bottom of the open dialog box.
  • To open the Preview dialog box, click Scan again.
  • View the scan and click Accept if everything is all right.
  • If you want to reposition or modify the document, do this now and repeat the step above.
  • Remove the page scanned once the message is received-‘ Would you like to scan another page into the current document?
  • Place the next multi-page document page on the glass of the scanner.
  • When you’re ready to scan the next page, click Yes.
  • Redo the above steps until you are done with scanning multiple pages.
  • Click No once your document’s last page has been scanned.
  • This is done by opening a Save As dialog box.
  • Click the Save In box down arrow to select a directory to save a document for multiple pages.
  • In the File Name box, enter a name for your document.
  • Click on the File Type box arrow down.
  • Select the type of file for which the document is to be saved (both PDF and other formats).

How to Scan using the HP Officejet 6600 Smart App

  • Scan documents or photos on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad with the smart HP app from your HP printer.
  • Install your device with the HP smart app and set up a printer.
  • Lift your 123.hp.com / Officejet Setup 6600 printer’s scanner lid.
  • Place the image or document to be scanned in the Automatic Feeder document or on the glass scanner.
  • Use the guides to adjust the document or photo for the correct placement.
  • Make sure the document or photo to be scanned is loaded upwards with the printed side.
  • Open your mobile device with the HP Smart app.
  • Touch the scan tile and set the source to the iPhone or iPad scanner.
  • Click the Settings icon and select the scan or source of input.
  • Adjust any other scan parameters you need to modify and then click Done or Close.
  • To start scanning on iPhones and iPads, press the blue shutter button.
  • To start scanning for Android devices, tap Scan.
  • To change the desired settings, tap the Edit icon from the Preview menu and then click Done.
  • To scan any additional pages, press the Additional Pages icon.
  • Rename, save, print and share your scanned photo via HP smart app once all pages have been scanned.

Scan from Windows 10

  • Put a document on the glass of your scanner facing down.
  • Before proceeding, check that the scanner is powered on and connected to your computer.
  • To open start, click on the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • To search for the Windows Fax and the Scan app, type the fax and scan in Start.
  • At the top of the Start window, click on Windows Fax and Scan.
  • On the upper left side of the Fax and Scan window select New Scan. A new window will open.
  • Make sure your scanner works.
  • If the name of the scanner is not listed, click Change on the top right of the window, and select it.
  • Choose the type of document.
  • Click the Drop-down Profile box and select the document type.
  • Click on the Color down box format and select Color or Black and White.
  • Now click the drop-down file type box and select a file type to save the scanned document on your computer.
  • If you scan anything else than photos, it is best to choose a PDF format.
  • Click from the bottom of the window on the Preview option.
  • Finally, click Scan to start scanning your document on the computer using the options and format selected.

Scanning from Android or IOS

  • You can scan documents and photos from the printer to your iOS or Android mobile device with the HP All-in – One Printer scanning application.
  • Install the application and use your HP printer to set it up.
  • First, place the document or photo to scan on your printer’s scanner glass.
  • Place the papers next to the scanner glass or the automatic document feeder where available according to the guides.
  • Ensure that the edges are straight and not curled.
  • Open your mobile device application.
  • To select the input source for your scan, tap the Settings icon.
  • Adjust any other desired scan configuration and then click Save.
  • To start scanning the image on your mobile device, press Scan.
  • The software identifies the limits of your photo or document.
  • Adjust the boundaries to match your desired scan if necessary and then tap next.
  • Edit, rename, save, print or share your mobile device with the scanned document or photo easily.

How to Scan in HP Officejet 6600 Printer using Web scan

  • Webscan scanning offers you the basic scan options.
  • Scan for additional scan options or functionality from your HP printer software.
  • Load the document or image to be scanned downward on the scanner glass with the print side.
  • Open the web server embedded.
  • Click on the tab Scan.
  • Choose Webscan in the left panel.
  • Change settings, if necessary.
  • To start the scanning process, click Start Scan.
  • For more information see 123.hp/setup officejet 6600 and 123.hp.com/oj6600 or call the toll-free number.


HP oj6600 printer issues on Windows OS

123HP.com/oj6600 is high use printer requiring a version above windows Vista, this printer is highly efficient for office and personal users.

Connection error while configuring the 123hp.com OJ 6600

HP wireless inkjet and oj printer’s connection error while configuring wireless settings occurs during installation from 123.hp.com/oj6600.This explains how to configure wireless printer to the network which is being used by the user, configuration requires the login details of wireless network and proxy setting if required.
officejet 6600 troubleshooting guide explains as to the installation steps and guides you to setup printer to the wireless network.
Need more help ask our technician who are available anytime.

Driver installation failed

Hp officejet printers installation gets error message while installing the drivers from 123.hp.com/oj 6600.

This troubleshooting guide tell you how to tackle the driver installation failer error message which occurs during the installation from 123.hp.com/oj 6600 or HP smart app.
officejet 6600 needs operating system above windows vista to function properly, and the drivers are available only for operating system above the mentioned windows version.
123 hp officejet 6600 Drivers are available to download from support HP site and step by step installation procedure is available during installation. If faced with failed error the OS needs to rebooted and installation procedure has to restarted.

If the issue persists, Our technician will be available to help you anytime.

HP OJ 6600 printer issues on Mac OS

123HP officejet 6600 Printer is Supported by Mac ver 10.6 or above.
Printer should be connected to an Ethernet/Wi-Fi/USB.

Network configuration error on 123HP officejet 6600 printer

Navigate to Wireless Settings and then to Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer touchscreen display.
Select your Network and enter your password and check if the wireless light is steady.
Then proceed to print a test page which indicates a successfull configuration.

Offline error on 123HP officejet 6600 printer to the MAC

While using officejet 6600 the printer goes Offline and the connection to the printer is disconnected from the MAC.
The printer wireless settings has to be checked and the network firewall settings need to be updated.

After updating the wireless and network settings the printer configuration settings has be changed on the MAC for the printer offline message to be rectified.


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