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  • 123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Wireless Setup.
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123.hp.com/setup 6255 PRINTER SETUP

HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Specification

  • Print an excellent and amazing borderless photo with the 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer.
  • This printer has Wi-Fi high – dual-speed band and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • The HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer to print, copy and scan your document.
  • Using the mobile printing function, print a document or photo.
  • Mobile printing: HP ePrint, Mopria Print Service, Apple AirPrint, and Wireless Direct Printing.
  • Mac users can print a document or a photo on their mobile device with the AirPrint application.
  • The HP ePrint app allows Android users to print their documents using their mobile devices.
  • The input tray capacity of the printer is up to 125 sheets and the output tray capacity is up to 25 sheets.
  • Automatic duplex printing simplifies your printing job, and you do not need to waste time flipping the papers.
  • The HP Envy photo 6255 printers is compatible with the operating systems Windows and Mac.
  • Your printer’s print speed for black is up to 13ppm and color up to 8 ppm.
  • The 123 HP Envy photo 6255 printer provides a high speed and best quality document.


123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer Driver Software Installation

  • When the printer is set, the hardware and software must be set up. Both are key components of the 123 HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer, without which the printer will not operate.
  • Ensure that both hardware and software have been correctly configured. Once you’re done, you can easily start printing your 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer.
  • Use your 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer to install the software on the install CD. Make sure the CD you use is free of dust and free of scratch.
  • Place the CD in the computer disk drive, make sure the CD is fixed in the right position. Close the drive of the disk. Open, run and execute the file on your computer.
  • Accord to the Terms and Conditions, and then click Continue. Make sure that your driver is compatible with your operating system. You are prompted to choose the connection type during the installation process.
  • Select either a wired network connection or a wireless network connection for your preferred connection.
  • Once the installation is finished, try printing a sample document.
  • If you find a problem, reaffirm the procedures and try to correct the problem.
  • If you still have a problem, there is an alternative way for the driver and software to download and install.
  • Go to 123.hp.com/setup 6255 and click on the Download Software option. Make sure it is compatible with your printer while downloading the driver and software.
  • Download the file type based on your operating system. Download the.exe file from Windows user. The.dmg file type must be downloaded for Mac users.
  • When a download is finished, move to the next step. Install the driver and software by following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • During the installation process, select the connection type. You can choose any network connection. Try to print a document after completing the installation process.
  • If there is a problem, repeat the procedures and try to solve the problem.
  • The complete function driver and software should be installed to obtain full printer functionality.
  • An outdated driver and software can cause a problem with the printer in some situations.
  • Contact our technical support team for more help. Our team will help you remotely to install your 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer driver and software.
  • You can download the hp envy photo, 6255 drivers, from here itself.


  • Download the latest driver version from 123.hp.com/setup or use the installation disk to install the hp envy photo 6255 wireless setup.
  • Go to your browser’s 123.hp.com/envy5530 setup. In the mentioned box, enter your printer model number and click Start.
  • To start the driver installation, double-click the downloaded driver software setup file.
  • Click Next and follow the instructions on your Windows computer to complete the installation of HP ENVY 5530 driver software.

Procedures for Envy 5530 Wi – Fi Setup

Nowadays, a wireless network is better than a wired network. Get the desired network name and password before setting up a printer on your wireless network. Use the following guides to set up your printer on a Wireless network. To manual setup read the user manual

Envy 6255 Printer Wireless Setup For Windows

  • Gather the name and password of the network to connect your printer and computer.
  • Ensure the power is activated by the wireless router, computer, and printer.
  • Connect to the same Wireless Network connection between your HP Envy Photo 6255 printer and your computer.
  • During the setup process, place the printer close to the computer and within the range of the router.
  • Unlink any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. From the printer’s control panel home screen, click the Wireless icon.
  • Select the Setup icon and tap Wireless Setup Wizard. In the list, select your network name and click Ok.
  • If the name of your network can not be found, click Enter New Network Name and then index your name for the network.
  • Ensure the password and then click Done. Go download the most recent driver and software for your 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer on our 123.hp.com website.
  • Install it on the screen based on the guides. Choose your connection type during the installation process.

Envy 6255 Printer Wireless Setup For Mac

  • Enter the name of the network (service set identifier) and the network password (WEP key or WPA passphrase).
  • Power up printer, computer, and wireless router. Use both the printer and the computer for the same wireless network connection.
  • Place the printer and the computer closer in order to maintain good signal strength during the setup process.
  • Select the Wireless icon on the home screen of your printer’s control panel.
  • Select the Setup icon and click the option Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • In the list, select your network name and then click OK. If you can’t find it, click Enter New Network Name. Index your network name and password and then click on Done Print to print a wonderful and amazing HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer borderless photo.
  • This printer has wireless high-speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. To print, copy and scan your document, use the HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer.
  • Print a mobile printing feature for your document or photo on the go. Mobil Printing service: HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Wireless Direct Printing, Mopria Print Service.
  • The capacity of the printer input tray is up to 125 sheets and the capacity of the output tray is up to 25 sheets.
  • Automatic duplex printing facilitates your printing work much and you don’t need to waste time flipping the papers.
  • The HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer is Windows and Mac operating system compatible.
  • Your printer print speed is up to 13ppm for black and up to 8 ppm for color.
  • Dispose of high-speed and quality document bets with the printer Hp Envy 6255.
  • Click Ok. Download and install your printer’s updated driver and software.


How to fix scanning error

When scanning your document, the computer or scanner is not detected or the message fails will be displayed in the control panel of your printer. Go through the guides below to solve your problem of scanning.

  • In some cases, rebooting the computer and printer might restore the lost scan connection.
  • Make sure the HP Envy Photo 6255 printer and computer are properly connected to the network.
  • For wireless network connectivity: access the Network Wireless menu or Settings menu to ensure the wireless signal is activated.
  • Check that the Wireless icon light of the printer is on and stable.
  • For a Wired network connection: Ensure that the cable is connected to the Ethernet port of the printer and to the port of the router.
  • The light(green) link has to be stable and the light(orange) activity has to blink.
  • The majority of routers can operate in frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, but not all printers support both bands.
  • Go to the notification area on your PC to find your network name and connection status.
  • Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to easily identify and correct scanning problems.
  • You can correct the connection problem by installing the existing printer software before you reinstall the latest driver. Reboot your computer and go to the next step to solve the problem.
  • Just click on the Software download option to download the latest driver and software to our 123.hp.com/setup 6255 site.
  • Install it on your computer, based on the on-screen instructions.
  • Try scanning your document or photo using your hp envy photo 6255 printer once you’ve finished.
  • In some cases, firewall software may block network printer communication.
  • Use the Print and Scan Doctor to find and temporarily disable your computer’s firewall program.
  • Try scanning your photo or document with your HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer setup.

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