How To Scan Using HP Smart App

Use the HP smart app to easily solve problems related to the printer, you can easily set up your printer in a wireless network. On the other hand, it is also easy to print and scan method.


Step 1: Installation of HP smart app

Download the HP smart software and connect the printer to your mobile devices.

HP Smart App for Android Devices

  1. HP smart software is supported by Android devices with version 4.4 of Android OS (Kitkat) or later.
  2. Link your printer after the request is launched.    
  • Make sure your Android device is within the same wireless system as your printer.
  1. Go to the Google Plays Store and download your Android device with the HP smart app.
  2. When the application is installed, open the app and start the click.  
  3. Accept the terms and conditions for the procedure to proceed.
  • Tap (+) sign to home screen, Choose the printer you want to use if more than a printer is connected to the wireless network.
  • By selecting add printer or setting up a new printer, you can add a new printer.

1. Hold on the instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.

HP Smart App for iOS Devices

  1. For Apple iOS devices with Apple iOS 9 update and later versions, the HP Smart app is supported.
  2. After the app is installed, start it and attach it to your printer.
  • Make sure your iOS phone is on the same wireless network as your printer.
  1. Download the HP smart software on your iphone.  
  2. Following activation, tap start opening the device.    
  3. In order to continue accepting the terms and conditions of the process, the device begins looking for network printers.
  • Tap (+) sign on home screen, If more than one wireless network printer selects the printer to be used.
  • A new printer can be installed by deciding to install a printer and setting up a new printer.
  1. Hold on the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Print and download

  • Print an image or file.
  1. Image and documents can be printed from your Android and iOS phones. You can also print on Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram depending on your Android device.
  2. To begin the printing process, go to the HP smart app, tap Print files, print images.      
  • You may pick the file from the internet, social media or mobile devices.
  1. Pick the file or the image to print, the preview will be shown.
  2. To start printing, tap Print.
  • Your printer testing
  1. Initiate the scanning process by placing the image or file in the auto document feeder or on the scanner window.  
  2. Go to the smart HP website.
  • This offers three forms of scans, e-mail scans and cloud scans. Choose the sort of scan you need.
  1.  You can pick the input origin for the scan by clicking the settings icon.
  2. To change the boundaries click test.
  3. Multiple pages can be added by clicking the multiple pages button.
  4. Once the scanning process is complete, select Send, save, share or print as necessary.Check the file with the lens of a mobile device. 
  5. You can scan a document or image as a PDF or JPEG file through your mobile camera, save it on your mobile device, cloud, or share it with you by Email.
  6. Pick the file or image to search. 
  • Open the HP Smart software.
  1. Pick your mobile device and type of scan.  
  • Tap the camera to the email or search the camera to the cloud or capture documents on android devices.
  • Tap E-mail scanning or cloud scanning or the camera choice on Apple devices.
  1. After clicking on the picture, the scan preview shows.
  • In android devices: You can change the border manually by adjusting the blue dots.  
  • In Apple iOS devices: the edges are automatically detected in auto mode and it can scan several pages quickly while the manual mode is better for one or two page scans or when the auto mode does not detect the edges of the item.
  1. You may adjust the preview window.
  • You can also add extra pages by clicking the icon for additional pages.
  • After the scanning process is finished, select Send, save, share or print as required.

Step 3: Ink levels testing, ordering supplies, printer settings and reporting of data

Android Devices

  1. You can get the information on the ink cartridge by clicking on the supported cartridge, and by Buy Now you can also order the ink cartridges.  
  2. By Go to HP Instant Ink choice, you can open the HP Instant Ink dashboard.
  • You can obtain information about your printer settings, document and software based on your printer using the printer data icon. 

Settings for printer views and updates: you can modify settings of the printer such as paper trays, quiet mode, auto-off and more by setting the printer.

Printing Printer report: You can pick the printer report from your printer model to obtain information on the configuration page and reports on printer performance diagnostics and printer status. 

Printer Tools: To perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the print head, align the printing tools with the ink cartridge.

Printer data: Printer status, printer name, serial and version number of the film ware, tap printer settings or printer information.

Advanced access tools: You can set the energy saving mode with an advanced click and check your network status and customize your printer’s network settings.

iOS devices from Apple

  1. You can obtain the information about the tin cartridge by clicking on the approved cartridge and by purchasing Now you can also order the tin cartridges. The HP Instant Ink dashboard can be opened by going to the HP Instant Ink website.   
  2. You can obtain information about the printer settings, document and resources based on your printer with the printer information icon. 
  3. The view and update settings of the printer: you can change settings of printer such as paper trays, remote, auto-off and more by setting the printer.
  • Printing Printer report: You can get print performance diagnostic information on the configuration page and printer status reports by selecting the printer reports on your printer model.
  • Printer Tools: To conduct maintenance operations, such as cleaning the print head, to align the ink cartridge tap performance printing tools.
  • For printer information, printer title, serial number or film ware version tap printing settings or printer information to get printer status. 
  • Advanced access tools: You can configure energy saving mode by clicking on advanced settings and check the network status and set up the network settings of your printer.

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